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Ian Kinsler opened the game with this dinger

That's not where you wanted to throw that, Jose Berrios.

If you've never heard Jose Berrios' name before, you should get used to it. As the Twins' top prospect and a consensus ace-to-be, the 21-year-old righty will get plenty of face time against the Tigers in the coming years. The Twins called him up a couple weeks ago, and while his ERA isn't sparkling yet, his talent is clear.

But it wasn't quite so clear on the first pitch of the game Monday night, as Berrios missed over the plate with a 93 mph fastball that Ian Kinsler generously gifted to the Tigers' fans beyond the bullpens in left field. It was Kinsler's eighth home run of the year, a total he didn't reach until September last season.

A lot of players would prefer to see a couple pitches from a rookie they've never faced before, but apparently Kinsler saw all he needed to while that meatball was on its way.