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Tigers' Brad Ausmus suspended 1 game after hilarious on-field antics

A small price to pay for one of the best managerial tirades in recent memory.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

DETROIT -- Well, Major League Baseball didn't find Brad Ausmus' tirade on Monday night to be all that funny, and he's been suspended for one game. In addition, he's been fined an undisclosed amount, and since he's not appealing the decision, he'll sit out tonight's game. Bench coach Gene Lamont will manage in his place.

If you have been under a rock for the last 24 hours, Ausmus got ejected in the fourth inning for "excessive arguing" with the home plate umpire. Several Detroit Tigers players had complained about the strike zone and following Nick Castellanos' strikeout to end the fourth, Ausmus wanted a few words.

He got more than a few in. Ausmus went on an epic rant in which he swore, kicked dirt over home plate, and ripped his sweatshirt off -- along with his cap. All which culminated in said sweatshirt being placed over home plate and a proper "I said good day, sir!" sweeping motion with his hand.

The big to-do well after the fact was that Ausmus wasn't wearing his team jersey -- basically he was out of uniform. After last night's game, Ausmus said he was simply fed up with the strike zone but it made for memorable theatrics nonetheless.

After the events of the last two weeks, in which Ausmus' level of commitment and fire for the game have been called into question, it was a sight for sore eyes for fans.

His actions likely did little to dissuade doubts regarding his managerial style -- particularly in how he handles the bullpen. However, at least for now, he earned a reprieve to the notion that he doesn't care, and that might have been worth it in the end.