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Detroit Tiger Links: Fredi Gonzalez fired, but will Brad Ausmus be next?

Fredi Gonzalez was the first manager fired of the 2016 season.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, the first MLB manager was fired in 2016, and it wasn't Brad AusmusIt was Fredi Gonzalez, whose Atlanta Braves are 9-29 and playing like one of the worst teams of all time.

I would like to emphasize the playing portion of that sentence. There isn't a ton that Gonzalez can do about a team that has 11 home runs. That is absolutely hysterical. At one point there were 45 players that had more home runs than the Braves. And they went two weeks without a home run.

There was a fair amount of speculation that Ausmus might get the axe this week, and he even admitted as much. But the Tigers have ripped off three wins in a row and the manager submitted an A+ tirade to appease the "no emotion" crowd. Gotta love the 2016 Minnesota Twins.

He won't be the first manager fired, but Ausmus is far from out of the woods. The team is going to have to get back to .500 and fast or he may be following Fredi to unemployment.

The Cubs signed Joe Natha--wait what?

Obviously terrified of their success, the Cubs signed Joe Nathan to make sure they stop winning so much. It's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off for them.

Nick Castellanos is raking, Part .348

I know you want to read another article about the bright spot of the Tigers' season. Take in FanGraphs' launch-angle expose.

Just a reminder:

The 500 club, Miggy got next

Miguel Cabrera should get there, but outside of Adrian Beltre not aging, there may not be another 500 home run hitter for a long time.

The Twins are not a good time

The Twins are losing. A lot. It's probably not going to be very much fun watching them this year. On top of that, even their announcers leave a lot to be desire. Check out Sporting News' 30-part series in which they grade each team's announcers.

[Ed.: FanGraphs is doing one too.]

Baseball is awesome