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Brad Ausmus' plate sweatshirt is for sale

Own a piece of Tigers history!

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

That's right! You, the reader, can be the proud owner of the defining moment of the Detroit Tigers' 2016 season. And since it appears the Tigers will never lose again, I assume this sweatshirt and hat combination is going to cost you thousands.

The best part of the auction is the very necessary description provided. After running through the events of the day, we get this tidbit:

Neither item has been washed since the May 16 game and both items show dirt consistent with being placed or tossed on the field. Both items feature the #7, as seen in the photos.

Gotta have that "placed or tossed" dirt, that's the best kind of dirt. Anyway, the proceeds go directly to a great cause at Detroit PAL, so I strongly suggest you make a bid. And if do you win, please send us a picture of whatever you end up doing with it.