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How do you feel about Tigers manager Brad Ausmus?

One month into the season, it's time to take the pulse of the fanbase.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar has turned to May, and with the Detroit Tigers on an off day, today is a perfect time to reflect on the first month of baseball. Specifically, we can reflect on the job Brad Ausmus has done as the Tigers' manager thus far in his career.

Prior to the start of the last season, we began monitoring the collective opinion towards Ausmus. We saw a hot start propel him to nearly unanimous approval right out of the gate, but as the losses piled up his favor waned, and he ended the season with nearly unanimous disapproval. After a winter to decompress and a spring full of traditional optimism, fans turned out a nice and tidy 51 percent approval rating just before Opening Day. The Tigers fanbase is split right down the middle.

Now the Tigers sit at 14-10, in the midst of a five-game winning streak and fresh off an oh-so-sweet sweep of the Minnesota Twins. They sit in second place in the AL Central, but it's much too early for scoreboard watching. Besides, second place seems plenty acceptable considering the unsustainable pace of the Chicago White Sox thus far.

But April wasn't a bed of roses, either. The Tigers are firing on most cylinders right now, but just a week ago we were looking at a team that had lost seven of its last nine games, and was outscored 41-23 in that stretch. The offense mostly disappeared for a week, and it exposed a weakness that still exists in the starting rotation.

Looking specifically to the decisions Ausmus has made on the field, there haven't been many major complaints. The bullpen is still being deployed by strict roles, but unlike previous seasons, those roles are mostly being filled by the appropriate reliever, and they're working. The bullpen has yet to lose a game this season.

Fans have certainly made noise whenever Mike Aviles is in the lineup over a starter who is (naturally) either hot or due to get hot, or just whenever Aviles' existence is mentioned. But the much bigger lineup impact came when Ausmus decided to move an ice-cold Justin Upton down in the order to try to shake things up. He chose J.D. Martinez to replace him in the two-spot, and the pair have been hitting the ball better ever since.

The Tigers have successfully executed one sacrifice bunt this season. Take that for whatever you think it's worth.

Ultimately, no matter how much we stress the process, managers tend to be judged mostly on results. This season has already featured the high and lows of a 162-game grind, and we're only 24 games in. Given where the Tigers currently sit it's easy to be content, but do you approve of what Ausmus has done to get them here?