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Tigers' Miguel Cabrera exits game after HBP to his left knee

Cabrera is the second player to exit with an injury on Sunday.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

DETROIT -- First, Jordan Zimmermann left the game with a right groin strain. Then, Miguel Cabrera had to leave for a left knee bruise after he got hit by a pitch in the seventh inning. Jose Iglesias pinch ran for him.

In the seventh inning to start the frame, Cabrera got hit just under his left knee. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand paid a visit while Cabrera checked the knee, ran a bit, then jogged to first base.

However, that trip lasted just two pitches into Victor Martinez's at-bat.

Cabrera limped back to the dugout, and he struggled to get down the steps. The hit by pitch wasn't a direct blow to his knee, but that Cabrera decided to leave the game in the first place isn't a good sign.

Cabrera's left knee surgery was quite a while now. He had the operation performed in the 2014 offseason just before spring training 2015.

However, while he's fully recovered, the combination of his ankle surgery and the previous injury gave him a funky swing and he spent a fair amount of time getting back to his old healthy approach.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.