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Detroit Tigers Links: Jordan Zimmermann is the best player in baseball

At least, CBS seems to think so.

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Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Tigers starter Jordan Zimmermann is unequivocally the best player in baseball. At least, according to Dayn Perry at CBS Sports. And me. The best part? Feel free to start this argument with anyone you know. It's going to be impossible for them to refute this ranking.

Let's recap. Zimmermann just went 5-0 (hell of a feat in itself) with a 0.55 ERA, 23:7 strikeout-to-walk ratio and compiled a 2.0 WAR tied with Adam Eaton* for the highest in all of baseball. As a result he was named the AL Pitcher of the month. With the state of the rest of the rotation, he has been a godsend.

Zimmermann has been his usual self, pounding the strike zone, but also leveraging an increase use of his slider as a swing and miss pitch. Jarrod Saltalamacchia summed it up pretty well with "He's just feeling it."

The good news is amplified when you look at the comparable pitching signings this year. When framed against Mike Leake's $80 million or even Jeff Samardzija's $90 million (and the Shark is doing well), Zimmermann was a bargain. And don't get me started on Zach Greinke's $206 million. Poor Diamondbacks.

Of course, we are only 25 games into the season. The ERA will inevitably rise, and he's not going to win every start. But, for the first month of 2016, you can unequivocally rank Jordan Zimmermann as the best player in all of baseball.

*What in the ever loving hell is happening on the south side?

Jose Iglesias, defensive enigma

While flashy plays earned Jose Iglesias the reputation as a plus defensive player, defensive metrics actually paint him as a below average fielder. Which is it? FanGraphs investigates.

White Sox designate John Danks for assignment, eat a Prince Fielder-esque amount of money.

The White Sox DFA'd John Danks after he compiled an impressive 7.25 ERA and 1.75 WHIP over four starts. While it is pretty funny that the team just ate $16 million, now the Tigers don't get to face him. Which is disappointing, to say the least.

Bryce Harper is making an imaginary amount of money

Imaginary because the 10-year deal he just signed with Under Armour will not have the figures disclosed. It appears to be the largest endorsement deal for any baseball player in history. Full disclosure: the only non-Tigers baseball shirt I own is this one.

KO'd Panda

Pablo Sandoval needs season ending surgery, and no, not of the gastric bypass variety. Looks like that shoulder injury that we all assumed the Red Sox were using to free up a roster spot was actually serious.

Pfister Hotel makes it tough for teams to play the Milwaukee Booers

Ji-Man Choi is just the latest in a long line of players that claim they have seen ghosts at the hotel. If you are going to have to deal with a haunting it might as well be in Milwaukee, the ghosts probably help you unpack. And you are welcome for that pun.