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Miguel Cabrera keeps up diplomatic relations in Cleveland

Win or lose, Cabrera wants you to get your money's worth.

There wasn't much for Tigers fans to smile about this week, as the Cleveland Indians took the broom to them for the second time this season. Yet, Miguel Cabrera played baseball in these games, and so there is always at least something to enjoy. Bryce Harper can campaign to #MakeBaseballFunAgain all he wants, but dude is going about it all wrong. Miggy knows that to bring the joy of our beloved sport directly to the fans, sometimes you've got to get off the internet and press the flesh.

There's a fan who got his money's worth. Not sure what those seats cost in Progressive Field, as apparently tickets are so expensive there that few can afford to come to the park, but isn't it worth it, Indians fans? Miggy is going to entertain you, win or lose.

Hey, if you're lucky and make a nice play in the stands, Cabrera may even bestow upon you one of his custom bats and a pair of batting gloves. The ambassador for the game is always at work, and he seems to consider Cleveland as a place in special need of his attention.