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Detroit Tiger links: More MLB PED suspensions are on the way

There is more steroid DOOM to come.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In this post-steroid era, performance enhancing drug (PED) suspensions have just become part of the landscape. Every year, a couple players are flagged, caught, and serve long suspensions. Former Tiger Jhonny Peralta missed 50 games as part of the Biogenesis scandal a couple years ago.

This year, there have already been three high profile suspensions, and now there is an ESPN Outside The Lines report that additional suspensions will be announced. The main culprit is Turinabol, or as I more fondly know it, 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

The reason for the spike in the use of Turinabol is unclear. It was first used in East Germany in the 1970s and utilized more recently due to how quickly it disappears from your system quickly (around a week).  But it was widely known that testing had improved. From the ESPN OTL report:

Two possible explanations exist for why positive tests are spiking, sources said: better testing technology and/or a supplement taken by athletes.

Testing for Turinabol took a major leap forward two years ago, and as anti-doping labs have adopted the technology, users apparently didn't get the word. ...

Besides the improved testing, there is another possible culprit for the recent spike in Turinabol positives, though sources told Outside the Lines it's a bit more speculative.

Whatever the reason, the fact that these players are being caught illustrates that the system is working. Let's just hope those impending suspensions don't include any Tigers.

Tigers fodder

Nick Castellanos' comfort level has lead to his early season breakout. The Tigers have no plans to change start times to 6 pm. Which is good because 6 pm starts are stupid. And Joe White offers 4 easy steps to fix the Tigers. I would go with a two step of process of better starting pitching and for the love of all that is holy please beat the Indians. Also

The Houston Astros are not having a good time

The Houston Astros, an AL West favorite, are scuffling really bad. An inordinate amount of the blame has gone to Carlos Gomez, but it's really the starting pitching that has cost the team.

PANIC! At the Bronx

Speaking of struggling teams, hi Yankees!! Alex Rodriguez, somehow still their best player, just went on the DL with a strained hamstring. The team "refuses to panic." The same cannot be said for their fans.

Best team in the NL not named the Cubs

We all know that the Cubs are terrifying this year, but the Nationals aren't so far away.

I wish anything made me as happy as Yasiel Puig after catching a fish