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Detroit Tigers Links: The White Sox designated Mat Latos and it is hilarious

"Here are millions of dollars. Go away."

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever been so bad at your job that they paid you to leave? I'd say probably not. But that is exactly what is happening around the MLB. Teams are cutting their losses and paying out contracts just so they don't have to watch the suck up close. John Danks was first. Carl Crawford was next. And now Mat Latos is now looking for a job. And please note that Ryan Howard remains miraculously unscathed.

I probably shouldn't make so much light of a tough situation on all sides. Players are getting fired from their teams,. Sure they are literally getting paid to not work but there is no greater insult to your profession than someone paying for you to leave. And for the teams, it's a nightmare. You throw away millions of dollars and admit a massive mistake for the whole league to see.

It's especially dangerous to laugh as a Tigers fan whose team has multiple big money long term contracts in aging players. We could easily be the team that is being taunted in the future.

But you know what? That's not today. Today I'll take plenty of pleasure in the terrible signings of White Sox and Dodgers. Enjoy giving away 35 million dollars. You earned it.

Speaking of giving away $35 million

I'm sorry, L.A. Times, justifying Carl Crawford's awfulness through Adrian Gonzalez is a joke. Gonzalez didn't make you relevant again. Spending another $300 million did.

What if I didn't have those street tacos for lunch?

I prefer to reside in an alternate reality anyway so let's dream up some of the best alternate draft histories.

With the first pick, the MLB selects a proper way to deal with amateur players

Did you know college football is exploiting their players? Of course you did! And how the MLB draft functions is a great lens to view just how bad the NFL/College collusion is.

This is why I played high school tennis

Youth baseball surgeries are way up due to sport specialization, over use, and some guy named Tommy. The Wall Street Journal takes another look at the epidemic sweeping the nation.

How can you lose it if you never have it?

With replays and less of the human element being used in baseball, where do the umpires fit into its future?

Some fights do have a happy ending.

If you missed it, Yordano Ventura threw at Manny Machado and then eventually plunked him with his hardest pitch of the evening. Manny Machado then proceeded to rag doll him. In the ultimate form of retribution, Machado only got 4 games while Ventura got 9. Yes I know he's a pitcher, but the MLB was being very clear about who they thought was at fault.

What is your favorite number?

Brandon Belt is really excited about this pretty obscure home run. I have absolutely no idea why.

Baseball is awesome