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MLB Draft 2016: Bless You Boys grades every 1st round pick

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You come to BYB for that in depth analysis, so here it is.

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People seem to be very hesitant to grade the MLB draft because of the small sample sizes and very young players that are taken. Well, we here at BYB don't shy away from tough challenges. Check our draft grades below:

1) Philies: Mickey Moniak, OF, La Cost Canyon HS

Grade: A

Great pick, I mean his name is MICKEY. Nuff said.

2) Reds: Nick Senzel, 3B, Tennesee

Grade: A

Great pick, gotta take those 3 baggers from Knoxville. Did you know there is a bar in Nashville called Thi3rd Base Sports Bar? Thats right, they just throw a 3 right in the middle there. This was destiny.

3) Braves: Ian Anderson, RHP, Shenendehowa HS

Grade: A

For their sake I hope this was a great pick. Shenendehowa is now my favorite high school ever.

4) Rockies: Riley Pint, RHP, St. Thomas Aquinas HS

Grade: A

Riley Pint eh? Worse pick so far. Still a great pick.

5) Brewers: Corey Ray, OF, Louisville

Grade: A

Great pick, and the Tampa Bay Rays are DEVESTATED. I was in Louisville last weekend. It was completely fine.

6) Ahletics: A.J. Puk, LHP, Florida

Grade: A

A.J. Puk just sounds like three consecutive letters. Great pick.

7) Marlins: Braxton Garret, LHP, Florence HS

Grade: A

I have also been to Florence Alabama. Think Florence Italy but the exact opposite. Great pick

8) Padres: Cal Quantrill, RHP, Stanford

Grade: A

More like Cal QuanTRILL, am I right my southern rap friends?? Gangsta pick.

9) Tigers: Matt Manning, RHP, Sheldon HS

Grade: A+

Tigers took him, best pick.

10) White Sox: Zack Collins, C, Miami

Grade: A-

Zach Collins, real original. Terrible pick.

11) Mariners: Kyle Lewis, OF, Mercer

Grade: A

His coach basically took credit for this pick by "putting him in the right spot to succeed." The coach would have been a bad pick, Kyle is a great pick.

12) Red Sox: Jason Groome, LHP, Barnegat HS

Grade: A

Dave Dombrowski drafting, great pick.

13) Rays: Josh Lowe, 3B, Pope HS

Grade: A

Pope HS! The power of Christ compels this pick.

14) Indians: Will Benson, OF, Westminister Schools

Grade: A

Not so sure about Will. He attended multiple schools in high school? Seems like a try hard. Still a great pick.

15) Twins: Alex Kirilloff, OF/1B, Plum HS

Grade: A

Alex is going to Kirilloff some pitching in his future. Begrudgingly great pick.

16) Angels: Matt Thaiss, C, Virginia

Grade: A

Kind of tough to make fun of a name when you don't know how to pronounce it. It's that kind of ambiguity that makes him a great pick.

17) Astros: Forrest Whitley, RHP, Alamo Heights HS

Grade: A

Couldn't be closer to Forrest Whitaker. Great pick.

18) Yankees: Blake Rutherford, OF, Chaminade Prep HS

Grade: A

Yankees took him, he will probably good and annoying. Great pick.

19) Mets: Justin Dunn, RHP, Boston College

Grade: A

Mets drafted pitcher, immediately is awesome. Great pick

20) Dodgers: Gavin Lux, SS, Indian Trail HS

Grade: A

Illuminating player, great pick.

21) Blue Jays: T. J. Zeuch, RHP, Pittsburgh

Grade: A

Yinz guys are gonna love Zeuchy, great pick.

22) Pirates: Will Craig, 3B, Wake Forest

Grade: A

Should have traded up for Zeuchy, oh well, Craig will be good.

23) Cardinals: Delvin Perez, SS, Int'l Baseball Academy

Grade: A

Houston must have had him high on their board,great pick.

24) Padres: Hudson Sanchez, SS, Carroll HS

Grade: A

I have literally nothing to say about Hudson. Great pick.

25) Padres: Eric Lauer, LHP, Kent State

Grade: A

Matt Lauer's nephew, great pick.

26) White Sox, Zach Burdi, RHP, Louisville

Grade: A-

A little birdie told me this is going to fail spectacularly. Bad pick.

27) Orioles: Cody Sedlock, RHP, Illinois

Grade: A

BIG TEN! Great pick.

28) Nationals: Carter Kieboom, SS, Walton HS

Grade: A

And Ka-BOOM goes the dynamite. Great pick.

29) Nationals: Dane Dunning, RHP, Florida

Grade: A

I'm really glad I'm almost dunn writing this blog. If you've made it this far bless you. Also, great pick.

30) Rangers: Cole Ragans, LHP, Florida

Grade: A

Florida is a good place to play baseball, so I bet Cole is real good. Great pick.

31) Mets: Anthony Kay, LHP, UConn

Grade: A

Please see pick number 19. Also, UConn got someone drafted in the first round? What a time to be alive.

32) Dodgers: Will Smith, C, Louisville

Grade: A

White Will Smith! Great pick.

33) Cardinals: Dylan Carlson, OF, Elk Grove HS

Grade: A

Who are the 5 greatest OF of all time? Great pick.

34) Cardinals: Dakota Hudson, RHP, Mississippi State

Grade: A

Combining the power of two states into one name. Great pick.

For more expert analysis, follow along at our SB Nation partner sites. Otherwise, sit tight because, as we all know, the Tigers hate draft picks. See you in the fourth round.