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Detroit Tigers Links goes farming

Join Victor Martinez down on the farm.

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this baseball team. So instead of trying to force a topic, let's talk about something completely different. Farming. While I was watching yet another ridiculous Detroit Tigers game and begging Rob for a topic for today's links, he directed me to Kurt:

I assumed there was something brewing between Buck Farmer and Victor Martinez. Nope, couldn't be more wrong.


This is one awesome profile and I encourage you all to read it. I can't tell if my favorite part is that Martinez has a self mandated no horse riding policy (good idea), already owns 475 cows, or that Jose Iglesias has a miniature horse for his 5-year-old to ride. Best. Dad. Ever.

I think that we as fans get so caught up with the current team that we never even consider or care what these players will do after their playing days are over. And that's natural. With sports, the success of here and now is all that matters to fans.

But it's a fun perspective to see behind the scenes into the future of one of the star players. I think that is why I love Miggy's Snapchat so much. Sure the product on the field is paramount, but gaining insight into the players' lives off the field is a cool exercise in itself. So good for you Victor. I look forward to having my Cinnamon Toast Crunch with V-Mart's 2 percent when your career is over.

Tigers news

Victor Martinez is dealing with a bruised knee and will be relegated to pinch hit duties for a game or two. If you are already the DH but are going to be used as a pinch hitter, maybe just play him? Or definitely rest him? Whatever. Ian Kinsler is still raking. And in shocking news, the Tigers sent down Bobby Parnell so that they will never make that mistake again.

Cuban coming in hot

Yulieski Gourriel, who defected in February, has declared free agency and could provide some immediate help to a contender this summer. Gourriel was beloved in Cuba and indicates a further deterioration of the Cuban league.

I don't understand

Somehow the outfield of Lonnie Chisenhall, Rajai Davis, Jose Ramirez and Tyler Naquin is actually good. The Indians will probably look elsewhere for help when buying at the trade deadline.

Part of Tiger Links' running series, "The Cubs are too good"

The Cubs are allowing a ridiculously low .250 BABIP, as if they need the help.

Miggy's spray chart

Which is a thing of beauty (via @darenw on twitter)

Baseball (and this dog) is awesome