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What would you do if you ran the Tigers for a day?

The possibilities are endless. We think.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We fans sure enjoy speaking up about what moves we think our favorite teams should make: which players they should acquire, which ones they should ditch, what the price of nachos at the stadium should be. Explaining what the Tigers are doing wrong is almost a daily ritual for some of us.

So let's do a little exercise. If you were in charge of the Tigers for a day, what would you change? You're the owner, the president, the general manager, the manager -- everyone. You have the power to make any change conceivable to try to improve your favorite baseball team.

Here are some suggestions:

Designate Mike Aviles for assignment

This has probably been the most commonly mentioned move since the day Aviles was signed to his $2 million contract. The fact is, Aviles is redundant. There isn't really anything he can do that Andrew Romine can't do better, and many believe the Tigers could make better use of his roster spot. Of course, if the wrist injury he sustained Monday night requires a trip to the DL, it won't matter.

Corresponding move: If you're dead-set on carrying two utility infielders, like the Tigers seem to be, Dixon Machado offers a much better glove than Aviles. If you think Romine is sufficient backup for the infield, you could call up an outfielder instead. Anthony Gose is really the only option if you want someone who can play center field, but Steven Moya and Tyler Collins would offer some semblance of offense.

Or you could get really crazy and call up JaCoby Jones.

Option or convert Matt Boyd

On Tuesday, we ran a poll asking our readers whether they were ready to call up Daniel Norris, and whose role he should take. Over 90 percent of voters want to see Norris in Detroit, and the majority of them said he should take Boyd's spot in the rotation.

Corresponding move: If you choose to option Boyd to the minors, calling Norris up is the obvious corresponding move. If you prefer to move Boyd to the bullpen for now, a reliever would need to give up his roster spot. Optioning Buck Farmer seems like the obvious choice, but your mileage may vary.

Designate Mike Pelfrey for assignment

Similar to the option above, 40 percent of voters that want Norris in Detroit think heshould take Pelfrey's rotation spot. Pelfrey may or may not be a worse pitcher than Boyd, but he doesn't come with the option to simply send him to the minors. Unless you put him in the bullpen, which seems like a bad idea, you would have to let him walk away and sign with another team.

Corresponding move: Again, calling up Norris is the priority here. But if you are a fan of both of the last two options, replacing Boyd and Pelfrey in the rotation, you could also...

Un-convert Shane Greene

Boy, has he looked good out of the bullpen, right? Dominant. Why would anyone want to give that up? Well, because he might be pretty darn good as a starter too, and he'd improve the team a lot more if he is.

Corresponding move: You could simply swap him with Boyd, as mentioned above. Or, if you prefer to keep Boyd stretched out in Triple-A, you could call up another reliever to take Greene's spot. You could even get really bold and...

Call up Joe Jimenez

Sure, the guy has only pitched six innings above Single-A, but dear eight-pound, six-ounce, newborn infant Jesus, have you seen this kid's numbers?! He has struck out 40 percent of the batters he's faced and posted a 1.30 ERA in 111 career innings. He hasn't been challenged yet, maybe it's time to throw him into the fire.

Corresponding move: We've been through this...bump Greene and Boyd, or option Farmer or whatever.

Change the uniforms

Hold on, hold on, put the bat down. No one would ever suggest changing the Tigers’ home uniforms. Those are perfection, and changing one thing would be suicide. But there’s nothing special (or historical) about the road grays, so you could mess around with those. I’ve always been a fan of the block letters and orange accents in this iteration, so I might start with these and make a few changes, like much thinner bands of color around the waist and sleeves:

Photo by Getty Images

Make a trade

I take a certain sick pleasure in reading trade proposals from fans. About 80 percent of them are completely ridiculous, and another 19 percent are merely "never going to happen" bad. Post yours in the comments! Get creative! I can’t promise not to laugh at you in private, but I promise not to ridicule you publicly.

Build a sculpture in the outfield

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Comerica Park is beautiful, no disputing that. But if we’re honest for a second, it’s a bit bland. It doesn’t have that one signature feature that many parks have (A ferris wheel? Cars in the outfield? Lame). If you were in charge of the Tigers, you could design stadium renovations, and add some flavor to Comerica Park. What can you come up with?

Declare that every Sunday is Jim Leyland Day

In which fans receive a free bobblehead if they come to the park in a fake white mustache, sunglasses, and a full Tigers’ uniform. Fans that spend the first three innings with their hands in their pants are eligible for randomly drawn seat upgrades!