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White Sox 5, Tigers 3: The Brad Ausmus story


Appalachian State vs. Michigan. Rocky vs. Apollo Creed. David vs. Goliath. These are some of the greatest underdog stories in history, but the rematch generally didn’t go so well (David, of course, didn’t get a rematch but don’t ruin the narrative).

With rematch history against him, Tiger stalwart Mike Pelfrey took the mound in an attempt to thwart Chris Sale for the second time this month. And you know what? He can walk off undefeated. It wasn’t a good start by any means, and he was lucky to dance in and out of danger with help from excellent defense all night long, but Pelfrey left the game with a 3-3 tie.

At least that’s what I thought, but Brad Ausmus didn’t feel like winning tonight.

Seriously, I thought it was a mistake to bring Pelfrey on for the sixth inning. He got through it, but Ausmus inexplicably brought him back out for the seventh where things promptly went downhill.

Every. Single. Time.

The Tigers wasted some brilliant offensive work to get to Chris Sale, sparked by Mike Aviles getting on base and Jose Iglesias hitting a surprising dinger. The Tigers took a 3-1 lead, but of course they blew it because life isn’t fun.

But you know what, let’s just talk about that bullpen management a little bit longer. How many times does Ausmus need to see his starter put runners on late in games before he realizes it hurt’s the team’s chances of winning? The answer appears to be many.

Anyways. You all know this by now. The cycle will never end until Pelfrey is DFA’d or Ausmus is fired.


Jose Iglesias: He hit a home run off of Chris Sale, which is such a hilariously YCPB event that I almost can’t handle it.

Anibal Sanchez: It could have gone a lot worse in the seventh, but he put the fire out pretty well.


Justin Upton: Hello again, my old friend.

Mike Pelfrey: Another mediocre-to-bad start from Pelfrey. He can’t be successful if he walks more batters than he strikes out, which has been a disturbing trend recently for Pelfrey.

Brad Ausmus: Because seriously, his bullpen management is awful. Aw. Ful.

Streaks and Stats

Mike Pelfrey’s FIP lowered all the way to 5.37 today, by the way.

Win Probability Graph

Source: FanGraphs