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Detroit Tigers Links is staying quiet at the MLB trade deadline

Al Avila has spoken.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

After a number of active trade deadlines, it appears the Detroit Tigers may have a quiet summer. General manager Al Avila made it very clear that the Tigers would not be parting with young prospects to chase wins.

That doesn't mean there won't be any trades. But blockbusters seem out of the question.

"This is the team we are counting on to win," he said before the game Wednesday. "If we have to make a minor move here or there, we will look into it at that point."

With regards to the the team as a whole, he noted the payroll and indicated there wouldn't be any major overhaul to the team's current construction.

"First of all, we have a huge payroll, one of the biggest in baseball," he said. "And we have a team that is set position by position. We aren't going to replace any of those guys, position player-wise."

And we have options for the fourth and fifth spots, internal options," he said. "Not every team has perfect Nos. 4 and 5 starters. Teams that compete for the playoffs usually have three good starters, a fourth one that's OK and then the fifth spot is in and out.

It's a fair assessment of the team. It could certainly use some help at the back end of the starting pitching and extra bat or arm wouldn't hurt. But the majority of the team is solid and entrenched. The Tigers are going to sink or swim with the main pieces that are currently in place. Thursday night was a good reminder that swimming is a very real possibility.

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Nothing like a little fake controversy to spice up June

If you haven't heard, Ichiro Suzuki passed Pete Rose's record for total number of hits, BUT AN ASTERISK APPLIES. Ichiro's hit total combines both his Japanese league hits and his MLB hits. Predictably, hot takes came ... in ... waves. Here is my hot take: they are two of the greatest hitters ever and the fact that Ichiro is going to get 3,000 MLB hits after the age of 27 is awesome. God forbid we celebrate both.

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It is possible that David Wright may never play baseball again. He gave the Mets everything he had.

Baseball is awesome