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​Detroit Tigers links: Marlon Byrd was suspended for PEDs and the rest of baseball hates him


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, the suspensions continue to come. This time it's Marlon Byrd getting hit for a 162-game ban. Yes, the same guy who said "you have to be an idiot to test positive" tested positive for PEDs. Again.

Players were understandably upset. Any PED suspension in this day and age is met with scorn. On the forefront of this backlash was the Tigers' own Justin Verlander, who supplied a single, but poignant emoji.

Verlander has constantly been outspoken on the subject of PEDs, but if you were looking for some extra motivation behind that tweet, look no further than this season:

Verlander was not alone, however. Even the Indians clubhouse had only veiled sympathy for their teammate when it came to the positive test.

As Matthew Pouliot points out, there have been clues that something was awry. These are not normal power numbers for a middling outfielder.

With still more suspensions to come, there will be more players lost, more cookie-cutter statements and more contempt. Just remember that this is now part of the game, and a necessary part. Suspensions are not embarrassing to the sport, instead they are a necessary reminder that cheating will not go unpunished.

Return of the Quack

The tank is back! Castellanos also offers up what he and Fulmer were laughing about on the mound, which had something to do with our 3rd best pitcher being unable to run 50 feet.

The Zika virus at home

Francisco Rodriguez shares his experience with the virus, and its a scary one. You have to feel with the Olympians grappling with the choice of whether or not to travel to Brazil.

As if the Cubs needed more help

Dougy G wrote a piece on the Cubs' usage of analytics, specifically with regards to Dexter Fowler. Remember when he took a pay cut to go back to the Cubs? Seems like it's working out pretty well.

Baseball, college style.

Need more baseball? I know you do. Well the NCAA tournament is about to start, and you should give it the college try. Check out the seven best matchups of the tourney.


Baseball and softball are on track to return to the Olympics. This section was created so that I could spell out the olympic theme song. I'm not sorry.

Baseball is awesome: