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3 things we learned from Lloyd McClendon’s ejection on Sunday

The Toledo Mud Hens’ skipper taught us a thing or three about being ejected from a ball game.

Mud Hens starting pitcher Thad Weber had a thing or two to say to Triple-A home plate umpire Eric Gillam after he felt he was being squeezed in the strike zone.

Too late to protect his player, Toledo manager Lloyd McClendon nonetheless made a show of his disappointment with the day’s proceedings.

He’s no Jim Leyland, but Legendary Lloyd did dip into the old school ejection protocol before heading back to the clubhouse

1: Proper warmup is required before any good ejection

Here Lloyd started slowly before kicking it up a notch. The ejection wouldn’t have gone well without the proper setup.

2: No one knows who’s in charge until you throw somebody out of the game

Lloyd was sure to let the umpires know they were out of the game as well. He sure showed them who’s the boss!

3: A dirty plate is a terrible thing to leave

A little dirt on the plate — that they’ll have to clean up! — should do the trick, right, Lloyd? This technique is all about function, rather than form.

The Mud Hens lost, 8-5.

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