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13 years ago today, Miguel Cabrera launched his 1st MLB home run

Cabrera has been good for a long time.

Thirteen years ago today, Miguel Cabrera hit his first major league home run. But it wasn't just any home run. It was a walk-off home run in his first game as a professional.

Awesome things about this video:

  1. He ran the bases approximately three times as fast as his current rate.
  2. Rocco Baldelli!! Remember Rocco Baldelli? I am getting old.
  3. Really like those old school Marlins jerseys
  4. Really dislike Miami Stadium.
  5. Trademark Miggy smile/point.
  6. Dead. Center.

And so began the career of one of the greatest hitters the game has ever seen. And if the fans in Miami needed more affirmation, he did this 10 days later.

Thanks again for being cheap, Jeff Loria!