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Bless You Boys rates Very Good Baseball Dogs from Bark at the Park Night

This event was a barking success.

DETROIT — The Detroit Tigers’ inaugural Bark at the Park Night was every bit as fantastic as it sounds. Dogs and baseball are pretty much a perfect match. Bless You Boys wandered over to the section reserved for Man’s Best Friend, and as far as the pet owners are concerned, it was a huge success.

Rather than bore you with words about how awesome these dogs are, we graded them using the Very Good Dog scale. Enjoy!

Huge, fluffy, and sits on command. 10/10 Very Good Dog

His paws were as big as human hands, with drool to match. Does tricks. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Sweet, has beautiful blue eyes, plays well with others. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Stands out in the crowd, comes when called, chases his tail. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Labradoodle! Very soft and poofy. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Too smart for his own good. Plus-guard dog but a softy inside. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Max adorableness, wears a Miggy puppy shirt, attention-seeker. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Schmoozing the camera. Enough said. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Cheers up a room, can secretly open doors, and bring you beer. 10/10 Very Good Dog

Okay move along, get a room, guys. Curiosity a plus. 10/10 Very Good Dogs

Chases squirrels, operates as your personal alarm system. 10/10 Very Good Dog