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Detroit Tigers Links still doesn't understand Mike Aviles

Please be better.

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When the Detroit Tigers signed Mike Aviles in the off season, the general consensus was, "Huh?" I mean, sure, he has defensive flexibility. And he's not... slow. But, those were the nicest things we could come up with.

We're three months into the season and those are still the nicest things to be said about the 34-year-old utility man. He doesn't excel at any one position and his bat is a negative, no matter how you try to spin it. So the question remains, if you have Andrew Romine, what would you say you do here?

With J.D. Martinez injured, the short comings of the signing has become even more amplified. Aviles is going to need a lot more games like last night to justify his playing time. Hopefully he comes through.

Note: I wrote this post yesterday afternoon. So, of course, Aviles has his best game of the season on Tuesday evening. You are all welcome.

Happier Tiger Links

Inside the clubhouse for Miggy's home run. Is this the Bruce Rondon we have all been dreaming of? Uh, I don't know what kind of sleep you have been getting ESPN... And Bark in the Park was last night! Go dogs!

Parenting Level 1000

Anyone else notice the significant rise in the number of people catching foul balls while holding babies? I'm pretty certain I would fail with both hands available.

How is it going over there, White Sox?

While browsing the twitterverse I found articles about how bad James Shields is, the slumping Todd Frazier, the fact that the team should consider trading Chris Sale and one of their writers getting a gum battle. Hilarious amount of doom and gloom for a team that is only one game under .500.

Here's a fun fact!

Baseball clubhouse dynamics are weird

What's a good way to deal with a terrible season? Have a fun guy in the clubhouse! Gotta be tough to be a Cincinnati beat writer right now...

The Marlins above .500, still a thing

If you thought the Marlins were going to fade, you were mistaken. Even with a struggling Gincarlo Stanton and a suspended Dee Gordon, the Marlins are 37-33 and currently tied for a wild card spot.

Baseball is awesome