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Happy Birthday, Ian Kinsler!

Kinsler turns 34 today.

Ian Kinsler came to Detroit at the end of 2013 in a trade with the Texas Rangers for Prince Fielder. Since that point he has been a beloved figure in Detroit for his brash demeanor, high socks, and sparkling defensive play.

The exact moment of endearment for me came when he trolled Chris Sale into oblivion by mocking Sale's suggestion that the Tigers were somehow stealing signs from the outfield. Long live the binocular celebration.

In fact, the Tigers are still taking part in this celebration. Sure, they are indicating it's has to do with the champagne goggles that get broken out when you clinch, but I am going to believe they are still trolling Sale and you can't tell me different.

He is also a savvy baseball player. Remember when he dropped a fly ball on purpose to get a slower runner on the base paths? I love the crowds reaction, "OH MY GOD HE DROPPED IT." Yeah, to own your team.

And he's hip! High socks, so retro, so fashion forward. And baseball bat companies with rock stars? Pretty impressive.

Kinsler is having his best year with the Tigers in 2016, with a power resurgence that has been coupled with his reliable defense and unquantifiable intangibles. While there is a lot of star power on the team, Kinsler's consistency is not to be overlooked. Let's all wish him a happy birthday for being awesome.