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Detroit Tiger Links says sell everyone

It was a good run.

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Welp. Season's over. Sure we actually witnessed a "good" Mike Pelfrey start. And, yeah the Tigers are a game over .500. Doesn't matter, time to fire sale everyone.

It seems like the popular sentiment is that unless the team is dominating, the team should sell instead. And after a second straight season of mediocre play, patience for many has run out.

But if the fan base wants to sell, it better consider what that actually means. And that would mean departing with the players who are actually assets. So let's start with Justin Verlander and  Miguel Cabrera. If rebuilding is the goal, their contracts have to go.

While we are off-loading big contracts, I hope no one got too attached to Jordan Zimmerman or Justin Upton.

And what about the young guys. Sure you want to rebuild around something. But imagine trading them for even MORE young guys. Brilliant! You can just hire me now.

I'm obviously being facetious at this point, but its worth mentioning what "selling" truly entails and pointing out the oversimplification of "blowing it up." I'm not ready for these moves yet. But, If it happens, it's a bold strategy, let's see if it pays off for them.

Ouchtown population you bro!

Quick injury tour around the majors: Derek Holland and Colby Lewis are down for the Rangers. There is a bone spur epidemic in New York. The city of Chicago submits an impressive list of Zach Putnam, Austin Jackson, Dexter Fowler and Jorge Soler. And Steven Strasburg hits the DL while injuries to Trevor Story and DJ LeMahieu seem minor.

I know you know that I know you

Cubs #1 prospect Gleyber Torres knows Miguel Cabrera and models his game after him. Good idea.

You are not a Pirate

Should the Pirates trade Andrew McCutchen? No! Does Matt Synder actually make some decent points in this article? Not really! But it's an interesting read.

I'm sure this decision won't haunt you forever

CHEATERS! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Anyway, what do you call a designated hitter that can't hit. A designated SITTER! Get it? Now A-Rod mostly just sits on the bench! Great stuff.

I can't believe it. It's just not believable.

Seriously, I cannot believe how many panic takes I continue to read for decent teams. Last week it was the White Sox who promptly won two consecutive series. This week it's the Red Sox who had lost 6 of 8 games but still happen to be 7 games over .500. Does anyone realize there are 162 of these things?

Baseball is awesome