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Anthony Gose vs. Tyler Collins, big wheel style

In the greatest race Toledo has ever seen.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest parts of minor league baseball is the rain delay antics. Whether its the classic water slide, a dance off for the ages, or general tomfoolery minor leaguers know how to keep the crowd entertained. Enter Anthony Gose and Tyler Collins.

Besides the fact that two grown men are peddling for their lives on big wheels, the best part is how competitive the race was. That was Gose by a nose. Other highlights:

  • Gose nearly crashing into the wall and DEFINITELY ending up on the DL
  • The volunteer who surrender cobra'd for 2/3rds of the race
  • Tyler Collins sick spin out at the end
  • The moment of joy when Gose crosses the finish line
  • The sheer distance of that race

I guess if they aren't going to be producing at the big league level, they should be enjoying their time in the minors. Let's go ahead and make this an annual event. Next time Miggy vs. Victor.