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Detroit Tiger Links: White Sox add an arm, Indians lose a shoulder

Important developments in everyone's favorite division

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The AL Central continues to be one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, with four teams within three games of first place. In the past week, there was important movement for two of those four teams.

It started Saturday with the White Sox trading for James Shields, confirming that despite their recent slide, they do aim to contend this season. This also concludes the debacle that was the Padres' 2015 offseason. With little available in terms of pitching rentals, it looks to be a shrewd move to get out in front of the trade market.

Less good news for the team to the south. According to Yahoo's Jeff Passan, Michael Brantley could be out for an "extended period of time" with inflammation in his surgically repaired shoulder. While the Indians' President of baseball operations, Chris Antonetti, downplayed the injury, saying there was "nothing really new," it is not encouraging buzz for a player who has not played since May 10.

The Indians haven't show much signs of missing their star outfielder, but Brantley is arguably their most important player outside of Corey Kluber, and the team will be hard pressed to score at their current rate with a prolonged absence.

Jacoby Jones moving on up

The Tigers have promoted one of their top prospects to Toledo. Jones joins a crowded outfield of Gose, Collins, and Moya but should see a fair amount of playing time. Just don't expect him in the big leagues any time soon.

Jose Abreu has been turned inside out

Jose Abreu is struggling and our own Catherine Slonksnis is here to tell you why.

Carl Crawford no longer plays for the Dodgers

Have you ever bought a shirt that you thought was awesome but it really wasn't, you wore it once, got made fun of a bunch, and then donated it? This is a lot like that.

We haven't ranked anything in like 2 weeks

Any rankings two months into the season are extremely subjective and pretty much pointless. They are also fun. So take a gander at CBS' player rankings. Plenty of Tigers love to make you feel better about being slightly over .500.

The Rangers are 34-22?

The Texas Rangers are leading the AL. That's great for them. But are they for real? And remember when Dave Dombrowski traded Ian Kinsler for Prince FielderThat was a good idea.

Baseball is awesome.