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Detroit Tigers Links is actually kinda envious of Cleveland

This is not a feeling I am familar with.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I never thought I would see the day. I'm jealous of the city of Cleveland. The mistake by the lake. A city whose main export is crippling depression. A town that had gone 52 years without a championship despite having three major sports teams.

Well, the Cavaliers remedied that last situation earlier this month, and since that point, the Indians have forgotten how to lose. As Tigers fans know well, it's time to start taking Cleveland seriously.

While the lineup is solid but unspectacular, the pitching has been astounding. The worst starting pitcher ERA comes from Corey Kluber. Even more impressive is this is coming from a group whose combined salary is only $13.68 million.

Cleveland looks here to stay. The production looks sustainable and the team is already looking at adding pieces. I'm a Michigan guy, so I would never want to exist in the state of Ohio. But I can say, that for one summer, I am truly jealous of "the Land."

Deep thoughts by Daniel Norris


Last night, Madison Bumgarner became the first pitcher in 40 years to opt out of the DH spot in an AL park. There is a good reason for this:

Clayton Kershaw will not being giving up any runs for at least two weeks

Because he is goin on the DL. This sucks for a number of reasons as Kershaw is in the middle of a historic season and was must see MLB.TV when pitching. This is now the 6th starter injured for the Dodgers. Any time your solution is trading for Bud "the florist" Norris, you know you are in trouble.

Fun with sample sizes

Nothing like backing up your "Kris Bryant is overrated" hot take with a 36 at bat sample size. I can play that game too: Patrick always goes out to eat with his fly down (sample size of lunches taken on July 30th, 2016).

No, I said shift, not sh...

538 offers some empirical evidence for the shift being effective, although it is by the smallest of possible margins. So good work Joe Maddon, you probably caused 1 extra out this year.

Jose Altuve is a wrecking ball

In 26 games in June, Altuve hit .420/.492/.620 with six doubles, four home runs, six stolen bases and he already has more walks than all of last year. Add the fact that he has resurrected the Astros into playoff contenders and he has gone from MVP contender to MVP leader.

Baseball is awesome