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Detroit Tigers Links didn't really enjoy the All-Star Game

It needed way more Tigers.

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Ok, that's technically a lie. I love the All-Star Game. I love the pageantry and watching the premier players in the sport share mutual respect and admiration. But it speaks to the current Tigers' situation when Chris Sale starts the game, Corey Kluber follows, Danny Salazar gets a shout out, two Royals visit yack town and then Jose Quintana shuts the door all before a Tiger entered the game.

Having All Stars obviously doesn't have a direct correlation to winning (hi, Yankees), but the ascension of competing AL Central talent with the regression of Tigers making an All-Star appearances is telling. At least Miggy was back! Good to see him for that one at-bat.

The sky is still falling. Whether it's wasting roster spotslacking the necessary pieces, or the most average rotation in the league, the team just doesn't appear built for the long haul. Sure feels a lot like last year.

I don't really think that's how this works. While I like the idea of the Tigers gaining motivation by a lack trade deadline moves, that's just not how an 162 game baseball season works.

Giancarlo Stanton is a baaaaaaaad man. He's had a rough year up until about two weeks ago so he didn't get a formal invitation. But thank god that doesn't preclude you from bashing home runs all over San Diego. Stanton put on an absurd display for what was the most memorable derby in a long time.

Negative articles about the Cubs? Sure they are still 7 games up but the Cubs just played a month of very mediocre baseball. Considering I spent most of the season sarcastically referring to all the positive articles sent their way, I relish the opportunity to point out some flaws. Maybe Stephen Colbert can bring them some luck.

That said, if the Tigers are out I'm still rooting for the Cubs and the party that would ensue #BurnDownChicago.

Need to get out of a good mood? Then take in the 25 worst collapses in sports history. Baseball features heavily highlighted by the one-strike-away Texas Rangers and the 2004 Yankees that were up 3-0 in the ALCS. Thankfully, the 2009 Tigers and my college apartment's door were spared the embarrassment of mention.

Also there's this article on Max Scherzer remembering the 2013 ALCS if you really want to hate yourself.

Baseball is awesome.