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Detroit Tigers Links dusts off its 'Team Buy' sign

Time to go all in. Again.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

I was hoping to wait at least another week to fully commit to discussing the trade deadline in the links, but the trades have already begun, so I better start that firing off that #TeamBuy hashtag.

Luckily for me, I don't have to do a write up on why I am Team Buy. Rob did that for me already. And that's not to say that is necessarily the right answer. I was team buy last year and hooo boy was I wrong.

But the window continues to shrink. Time to go big. Oh yeah, and if Justin Upton wants to start hitting again, we can count that as trading for a bat.

So, uh, who do we buy? I'm so happy you asked, fictional reader! To get the mind churning, take a look at the 19 probable buyers in the market, their needs, and some position surpluses around the league.

I've got just the center fielder for you. With Austin Jackson's injury, the White Sox are in the market for a center fielder. Word on the street is the Tigers have an extra one dwelling in the minors. 3 day suspension you say? What 3 day suspension?

Something has seemed off. I'm not ready to declare Miggy in decline, but he simply hasn't been the world beater at the plate this year.

Dontrelle Willis, my favorite terrible Tiger. Sometimes when I dose off during a game, my dreams take me to the island of misfit Tigers. Jarrod Washburn helps me dock my boat while Prince Fielder gets the grill going. As I walk across the beach, Ryan Rayburn clumsily sets up a tent and I flag down Brennan Boesch to catch up on gossip. But my favorite resident is Dontrelle Willis. We often reminisce on why it just didn't work out. I could give you my warped fabricated version but you should probably just read this instead.

I'm starving. Just like shopping, never write while hungry. That's how I end up feeding you content on what it's like to cook for a major league team.

This probably could have gone better. The consesus was that the Braves robbed the Diamondbacks in the Shelby Miller trade. And he just got optioned to Triple A. I'm starting to think that trade is not working out for Arizona.

Baseball is awesome.