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Justin Upton flat-out robbed Jose Abreu

No one needs more help suppressing home runs than Anibal Sanchez.

Anibal Sanchez has a problem with dingers. Or perhaps it’s the Tigers who have a problem. Sanchez has handed out home runs like candy over the past year and a half, so his feelings on them are murky at this point.

Jose Abreu’s feelings are much clearer. The Chicago White Sox first baseman has pumped 77 long balls since arriving in the majors in 2014. He made a bid for number 78 Sunday afternoon, but Justin Upton had other ideas.

The best part is the fact that everyone in the park thought it was gone. The fireworks erupt just as the sly Tigers' left-fielder casually pulls the ball from his glove and throws it in. Smooth work Justin. Those fireworks are for you.