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Detroit Tiger Links still has no idea what to make of this team

I don't even know, man.

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I tweeted this last night, but I can't remember a Detroit Tigers team playing in the amount of ridiculous games that this one has so far. And in a similar vein, I still don't know what to make of this team. The bullpen is inconsistent, the offense is inconsistent, the starting pitching is inconsistent and the managing is inconsistent.

Yet here they sit, 3 1/2 games out of the wild card and on the verge of sweeping the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

To be fair, the Tigers have figured some things out and are clearly in better shape than last year. Shane Greene has become the poorest man's Wade Davis. A healthy Jordan Zimmermann could give the team plus starters with the recent performances of Michael Fulmer and Justin Verlander. And J.D. Martinez does so much to elongate the lineup.

So, yeah. I hope you don't come to the links for in-depth analysis, because I can't read this team at all. Let's win a World Series.

Other things I don't know. Are the Tigers really going to stand pat? General manager Al Avila continues to state that the Tigers will not be making any moves, but do you believe a guy that looks like this? And what if the Tigers really put a streak together? You might as well get ahead of your friends on the rumor mill by taking in all of BYB's possible targets, like San Diego's Andrew Cashner and some cheesesteak-eating relievers.

Cameron Maybin update. Probably sitting until Friday.

To the simpler times. Oh, we are playing the Red Sox? Time for everyone to get their Dave Dombrowski Reminiscing Hat on.

Breaking down the Aroldis Chapman trade. The Cubs traded for Aroldis Chapman, best known for hitting 105 miles per hour on the radar gun and some other stuff that is more important. It's always tough to know how to feel when a team trades for a consensus bad person. You can never put that aside, but from a purely baseball perspective the Cubs gave up a whole lot for a partial season of Chapman. I am sure they are banking on re-signing him, but they better hope they either win the World Series or lock him up long-term, or this was a bad trade.

Other moves. Melvin Upton Jr. was sent to Toronto... and that's about it? Let's get this moving. As always you can follow the moves via SBNation's trade deadline tracker.

[Editor's note: Former Tiger Joaquin Benoit was traded to Toronto for Drew Storen. Or, in other words...]

Kids these days. Young players are making more of an impact than ever before. Whether it's the Cubs' young coreEdwin Diaz making the league look silly, or that Michael Fulmer guy, almost every team has a difference maker under 24. Here's who's got next.

Baseball is awesome.

He was so very angry that it happened again.