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The Tigers introduce the clubhouse version of rock paper scissors

A new twist on a classic.

There is a new game that is sweeping the Tigers clubhouse. It is "locker room rock paper scissors." The game is a remake on the classic with a very important twist. Enter the five-gallon water bottle.

A video posted by Miguel Cabrera (@miggy24) on

That ... couldn't have felt good. Certainly not a small wind up from Ian Kinsler, who has taken to casually rocking his Omar Vizquel Tiger shirt. Also, that's a terrible matchup for Jose Iglesias. You know Kinsler is a master at all "big brother" games. He was always destined to get BOPPED. Reverse Angle!

I don't know what's better, the sheer joy on everyone's faces or the general high pitch of laughter that was produced by the room. That is 20 professional athletes laughing like school girls. I have a feeling that more than one of them has wanted to bop Iggy on the head. And great to see the team keeping loose before a big game. You should never to take baseball or yourself too seriously.