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Detroit Tigers Links did not see that sweep coming

After an iffy weekend in Chicago, the Tigers are riding high.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

So...that went well. I have to be honest, after back-to-back walk-offs against the White Sox I thought a demoralized Tigers team would get steam rolled by Red Sox and continue their march toward an inevitable .500 season. But the team rallied for a sweep lead by clutch hitting by Miguel Cabrera and... Tyler Collins’ defense?

That new Tigers center fielder can do a few things. Just ask the Red Sox, who might have lost a game Wednesday when Tyler Collins made a play that will find itself onto the team’s 2016 Best Of The Tigers video.

The only “Best of the Tigers” play that I thought Collins was going to contribute was best fan involvement while utilizing fingers.

Tigers trade talk is tentative and other awesome alliterations. The hot stove is set at simmer right now. Jonathan Lucroy talks are heating up. The teams inquiring are still unknown but the Tigers have been mentioned. Rob covered the pros and cons of such a move. Will the Tigers tap him for a back stop upgrade? Also this:

We covered the likely pieces earlier this week. It seems that Avila’s assertion that the team will stand pat is more of a conditional one. As in, we will stand pat if no one offers us something stupid. Which could happen!

I do not receive any kick backs for this. But this is pretty awesome.

Poor Prince. Prince Fielder is undergoing neck surgery for his herniated disk and is out for the rest of 2016.

I know he is a polarizing figure around Detroit but I’m still a big fan of Prince and hate to see another season end in this manner. We all know the Tigers won the trade, but just an update:

Heyman update. As in, here is everything that is currently going on with all of the teams at the trade deadline. I’m always mystified at how 1 to 2 people get 100% of the scoops in specific sports.

Oh yeah, and if any of our readers need to get a hold of him, his phone isn’t accepting texts. You are gonna need to call him.

Dee Gordon is back. I really liked him as both a player and a person. I still like him as a player and a person. Just a little bit less.

With Gordon back, the Marlins DFA’d Don Kelly, thus igniting the hopes and dreams of millions of Tigers fans the world round. Please, go get Don Kelly and jettison Mike Aviles to the moon. Always and forever:

Baseball Awesome.