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Detroit Tigers Links sadly eats nachos

You hate to see it.

ALCS - Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers - Game Four

Good night, sweet Prince

As Ken Rosenthal reports, lovable former Tiger and nacho enthusiast Prince Fielder will have a press conference today to indicate a prolonged absence from the game. Although not technically retirement, it likely spells the end of his career.

That is brutal news for a player who was so remarkably healthy to begin his career. For everyone exalting the Tigers’ trade win, now is not the time. Obviously the Tigers won the trade. That was already a given. Prince had his ups and downs while donning Old English D, but his enthusiasm for the game and relationship for the fans was terrific. So instead of celebrating a trade victory, let’s remember the good times and wish him luck on his future endeavors.

Hernan Perez is basically Starling Marte.

Wait ... wut? So, if you haven’t noticed, former Tiger Hernan Perez is having a pretty good year. Fangraphs loves their blind resumes.

A is Marte, B is Perez. Considering Perez was jettisoned for basically nothing, this will not be an enjoyable article for you to read.

Prospect update

Nick Castellanos’ hand injury caused a minor league chain reaction with Casey McGehee getting the call up, Jason Krizan moving to Triple-A Toledo and Christin Stewart to Double-A Erie. Stewart, who is batting .262 with 23 home runs at Lakeland, was certainly in line for promotion next year, this allows him to “give him a little taste of what is to come.”

In other prospect news, Anthony Gose has not only shown up for the last two games but hit home runs. And most importantly, we still have a prospect named Kyle Funkhouser. Please get really good Kyle. Please.

Cy Young, still wide open

Without a truly dominant AL pitcher this year, the race is still wide open. Just like some of the days of old, two Tigers grace this list.

Oh thank God, Tim Tebow is back!

Remember that brief moment in time when you weren’t bombarded with Tim Tebow news? You didn’t appreciate it, did you? Well that time is over, Tim Tebow is back, and now he has set his sights on baseball. This bad news for all of us, and great news for baseball writers and hot takes in general. Either you can state Tim Tebow is a freak athlete and can play baseball, or you can really go out on a limb and write 700 words on why Tim Tebow will not become a professional baseball player. Please do not click the previous link. My thoughts on the matter align directly with Adam Jones.

You have definitely not seen the last of A-Rod

Maybe you have for this year, but he will most definitely be back. As a TV analyst. Just remember Yankees fans:

Baseball is awesome