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Detroit Tiger Links needed that off day

Relax, refocus, and don’t relive.

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images


Nothing like killing your momentum with a four-game losing streak, am I right, Justin Wilson? The good news is the Tigers are still only one game out of a Wild Card spot. The bad news is they are now 3 12 games back from Cleveland and just lost starts from Michael Fulmer and Justin Verlander.

With Cameron Maybin, Nick Castellanos, and Jordan Zimmerman out, the team is going to need to stay in contact with at least the other wild card teams and hope for a big September. The previous win streak proved they can win without key players, so here’s to hoping for better results.

Mickey Lolich yells at cloud.

Peter Wallner of MLive brings us a spectacular profile on Mickey Lolich. There is a lot to dissect here so I suggest reading the whole thing, but needless to say, Mickey is not impressed with the current state of pitching.

Other nuggets include a scalding hot shower being a 1960s secret remedy and terrific grandpa-isms such as “baloney,” and describing yourself as a “dinosaur.” I would really like to enjoy a Stroh’s with Lolich.

The Whitecaps are wearing Hey Arnold jerseys tonight

I don’t have any follow-up, I just want you to catch a glimpse of this beauty.

Carlos Gomez is extremely available right now

Carlos Gomez was designated for assignment on Wednesday, ending his failed tenure in Houston. SB Nation’s spectacularly named Astros site “The Crawfish Boxes” provides much better context on the trade than I could.

With the Maybin injury, some have clamored for the Tigers to sign Gomez, but this would be ill advised with the performance rate that Gomez has displayed. Tyler Collins has filled in admirably for Maybin thus far.

Damn that was tough to watch.

I know I dedicated my last links post to Prince Fielder, so I won’t bore you with rehashing how much that sucked. But if you are curious on the breakdown of how the rest of his contract will be paid out, read it here. TL/DR is that the Tigers will still be on the hook for the $6 million a year.

At least he kept his sense of humor.

when life gives you lemons,

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Make sure your doors are locked.

Because the Padres are coming to steal your home! BOOM! Pun in your face. Did you know the Padres have stolen home four times already this season? Probably not, because no one cares about the Padres. But they are running an insane amount and that almost makes them fun.

Baseball is awesome.