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Detroit Tigers Links doesn’t know anyone here

I see Miggy and...who are the rest of you again?

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Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Seriously, who do you know here?

This tweet is informative.

That is the perfect way to summarize the adhesive-laden lineup that the Tigers are trotting out there right now. It’s to no ones surprise that the team has only put up 7 runs in its past 4 games.

Whether it’s injuries or an untimely mental break the Tigers are going to have to rely fully on the front half on the lineup and their pitching. With the bullpen struggles, this seems like quite the ask, but at 3 games back of the wildcard, the team is out of margin for error.

I guess we have to talk about this

So earlier in the week, there was a bit of a stir caused when the Tigers were accused of a scheduling move to gain an advantage over the Red Sox.

This was quickly dismissed on the Tigers side when you consider that the team always plays Thursday games and, on top of that, there was a Lions game that evening that needed to be worked around.

Enter Travis Shaw:

This led to the Boston media floating the idea that Detroit had “manipulated the schedule.” Totally guys.

With regards to Shaw, it would be easy for me to say, you have the best job in the world. But these guys are working 6 day weeks for 6 straight months. Instead, I’ll note that... actually, you know what, screw you Travis Shaw, you make millions of dollars to play a childhood game. You and every spoiled Boston beat writer and sports fan can shut up.

Rawrrrrrrrrrrr matey

Presented without comment:

OK, one comment, if you can go to that game and get me one of those I will pay you so much money.

Here’s an eclectic list of sadness

San Francisco has made a resurgence back to the top of the wild card in the NL so I can only assume that Grant is reveling in his team’s success by highlighting everyone else’s sadness. Thankfully the Tigers do not show up on the worst stories of the 2016 season.

I’m so angry I didn’t think of this story idea

The Olympics, so hot right now. Usain Bolt continued his greatness last night by winning the 200 meter gold. I am so locked into the Olympics right now that I have no idea how I didn’t think to compare Billy Hamilton’s speed against the fastest man alive.

This is a good insult.

Remember when Matt Kemp said that arriving in Atlanta finally put him in a baseball town. That was a bad insult. We all know that’s a lie. This on the other hand:

That’s good stuff.

I’m not even 30 yet, stop it.

I would say everyone reading this right now is biased, but it is fair to say that baseball is not doing as well with younger fans as it used to. The Wall Street Journal looks at how baseball can thrive in the viral era.

Baseball is awesome.