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Justin Upton erupts for a pair of 3 run bombs

Upton shook Comerica Park with nearly 900 feet of home runs and a six RBI day.

The Detroit Tigers have been waiting all year for the patented Justin Upton hot streak. With their backs against the wall in both the division and the wild card chase, there could be no better time for Upton to go off. Saturday night, Upton returned from a couple of rest days and smoked a double off the top of the wall in straightaway centerfield. We’re too cynical now to say the worm has turned, but the Tigers’ left-fielder had himself a huge Sunday afternoon.

The three-run bomb put the Tigers' up 5-0 and must have caused deep confusion to one Justin Verlander, who takes the mound every fifth day expecting he'll have to throw a shutout to win. Yet Upton WAS NOT FINISHED!

Upton also hammered a ball to deep right-center in the eighth inning that Jackie Bradley Jr. ran down. Nothing would be a sweeter than for Upton to join J.D Martinez and the Tigers' big bats in powering this offense down the stretch drive. Here's hoping...