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Detroit Tigers links prefers not to look back

Always look ahead. Especially when being chased.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I am so sick of the Royals

The Tigers' main concern is what is in front them, either trying to catch the quickly disappearing Indians or a coveted Wild Card spot. But after an all too familiar sweep at the hands of the Kansas City Royals, the team has divisional company in the Wild Card race.

In a year where it finally looked like the Royals had been relegated back to their rightful place below the Tigers, the team has used Danny Duffy and a freaking mantis to mount a furious winning streak. Obviously, this resurgence does little to change the Tigers' plans and ambitions, but it does insert another variable into the growing list of teams jockeying for two spots.

Make or break time

The Tigers have a relatively easy nine-game slate consisting of the reanimated corpses of the Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels, and Chicago White Sox. The team should probably win a lot of these games if they feel like making the playoffs.

This is my favorite sign ever.

Thank you random Darwin Barney fan. Thank you so much.


The baseball season can be a tedious slog if you’re a bad team. We as fans can simply become disengaged, and casually check box scores. For the players, you’ve gotta run out there every day even if you are terrible. The Oakland Athletics are living that nightmare right now. And what happens in the heat of summer when you are doing your job bad? You fight someone.

I never encourage fighting, but I would certainly watch this guy fight this guy. Tough year in Oakland.

People write a lot about the Yankees

Unfortunately, a lot of it is interesting. Like this profile on how they are going to be really good again soon. Because the baseball gods clearly does not want us to be happy. Or the fact that the team uses computer programming to re-position for each batter.

As for their little brother, Steven Matz just went on the DL and the Mets are now 4 12 games out of the Wild Card. Good times in Flushing Meadows.

Cardinals’ rookie learns clubhouse ritual

Yes, Luke Weaver, that is a thing you have to do.

Josh Hamilton’s release was ... good for him?

Actually, yes! Well it’s sad to see how far he’s fallen, the team made the decision to release him now so that they would have the option to bring him back before May 15 instead of having to wait until after that date. He’s had a rough ride, I wish him all the best.

Baseball is awesome.