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Detroit Tigers Links doesn’t know the lineup

Let’s get confused, together.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I don’t know’s on third

Want to get confused? Try and follow these Brad Ausmus comments on the lineup. If you assumed Jose Iglesias would get his spot back, a fair assumption in my opinion, you would be wrong.

Asked if Erick Aybar would primarily play third when Iglesias returns, Ausmus said: "No. Not necessarily. If Aybar’s playing well he can play short."

OK. Well, Casey McGehee is causing permanent damage to Comerica Park's third base. Why not play both Aybar and Iglesias instead?

"He hasn’t played much third," Ausmus said. "He’s played one game at third, I think, in his career. Not that he couldn’t handle it."