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Detroit Tigers Links doesn’t care if you think it’s a loser

The links have strong self esteem.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

ESPN did some serious research. Apparently silence from the Tigers made them a trade deadline loser. That’s some pretty lazy analysis, considering standing pat at the deadline was the right thing to do in a market that was demanding a ridiculous price. With Jordan Zimmermann and J.D. Martinez are on their way back. and Daniel Norris ready to enter the rotation...

Yeah, don’t understand that. But the point is, the Tigers not buying does not make them losers. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the “returning player from injury is like a trade” ideology, but I do think this team has proven that it can make the playoffs without mortgaging any more of its future.

That escalated an appropriate amount. The deadline was relatively quiet until a flurry at the end. Check in on every key trade made and projections of the prospects that moved organizations.

The trade deadline is a big lie. Players can still be traded, it’s just a bit more complicated now. I’ll let Ryan Fagan of Sporting News do the work for me.

Here are the basics: To be eligible to be traded, players have to be placed on revocable waivers, for a period of 48 hours. If nobody claims the player in that window, the team is able to trade the player to any team for the rest of the season.

If a player is claimed, though, three things can happen: The team can pull the player off waivers and keep him (he cannot be placed on waivers again in the season), the team can allow the claiming team to have the player (and that team immediately assumes whatever money is left on the contract), or the team can work out a trade with the claiming team (they have two days from the time of the claim to get the deal done).

So keep these players in mind moving forward, they still might end up on your favorite team.

So, people really don’t like Yasiel Puig, do they? After straightening out what exactly happen yesterday with Puig and the Dodgers, it’s now clear that he is not part of the team’s future. After unsuccessfully trying to trade him, Puig will be sent to the minors. The curious question here is, absolutely no one wants him? I understand the contract numbers aren’t great and he has been widley inconsistent, but how is a 25 year old that has shown the ability to be an MVP candidate past his prime? The answer has to be that he is really, really bad for the clubhouse. And that’s unfortunate, because Puig in the major leagues is more fun for everyone.

Matt Kemp thinks Toronto is a basketball town. Let me illustrate the incorrect way to throw shade:

Sure TBS has managed to create a lot of Braves fans, but no one in the history of the sport has referred to Atlanta as a baseball town. If you want to piss off San Diego and LA say their zoo sucks and Kobe Bryant is overrated.

The Yankees were actually sellers and it appears the world didn’t end. It was pretty obvious the team wasn’t a contender but it still took some will to do the amount of selling that Brian Cashman just did. Is this good?

I really like the moves and I’m sure no one will take these sensible moves out of contex- oh here’s 1200 word article on these moves setting up the Yankees to be Lebron James and buy a dream team of Harper, Machado and Jose Fernandez. I’ll see myself out while you hate read that.

Baseball is awesome.

When is the last time you saw an umpire throw a fan out of a game?

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