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Detroit Tiger Links just became best friends.

Want to go do karate in the garage?


Just a reminder that, in an upset, Alex Wilson is actually the most photoshoppable Tiger.

An exciting roster move?

Actually, yes! Tigers fans got their first look at JaCoby Jones as he was called up to the big leagues in a move that took many people off guard. Clearly, it was a pretty good idea. Blaine Hardy will also join him on the team.

To make room the team sent down Matt Boyd (for what appears to be merely procedural as he was in between starts) and Casey McGehee, whose departure likely means all of Jones, Erik Aybar and Andrew Romine will see time at third.

Jones has been a streaky hitter this year in Double and Triple A but is an exciting “5 tool” player that should be fun to watch.

Speaking of roster moves

Expanded rosters are coming. And that means a lot of confusion and about 20 additional minutes of pitching changes per night. To mentally prepare yourself, take a look at some recent minor league performances, check out our preview on players that could be chosen, or use this very inconvenient slide show to view the expansion candidates.

Cameron Maybin is hurt, part 34

Maybin exited Monday night’s game with a thumb injury, the second time that he has injured his thumb this season. While the X-ray was negative, Maybin will undergo an MRI to get a clearer picture.

It’s obvious how much Maybin means to the team, highlighted by a stark contrast of win loss with and without him (44-26 with, 27-35 without.) Unfortunately, this injury does not seem to be going away and Maybin may be playing through the rest of the season and October with a nagging knock (see what I did there).

Fire Emoji Take

Yes, there was some very bad umpiring done the other night. No, taking balls and strikes away from umpires is not a solution.

Jamie Samuelsen wrote in the Free Press:

I’ll admit that this is a rather big change. But when there is no downside to change, then there is no reason to avoid it. Instead of debating whether an umpire has too much impact on a game, let’s take it one step further. Don’t even allow them to have that impact on the game in the first place.

Sure, no down side. All calls will always be correct and world peace is assured!

I’m not a traditionalist and can see the merit in a standardized/automatic strike zone. But everyone trots out this idea despite the fact that no one has a solution or how to actually implement it. Just that it can and should be done. When someone actually presents an actionable plan around this then I will listen, until then this is just a convenient hot-take.

Bartolo for president.

Or at least for a Gold Glove. Thankfully someone took the time to put together a somewhat convincing argument why Bartolo should add the award to the many firsts that he has had this season. Did you know that Colon leads pitchers with 6 defensive runs saved this season! Fun trivia fact for your friends.*

*Note that they will probably be more concerned about what you do in your free time than be impressed.

For your free time.

Have the Rockies finally figured out Coors? Jake Arrieta had a 14 pitch strikeout that resulted in a standing ovation from the crowd. Graphical look at the Cubs vs. other 100 win teams. Good God 2001 Mariners. And if you are actually enjoying this Tim Tebow thing, here you go.

Baseball is awesome.