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Detroit Tigers Links is a bit stiff

The injuries are mounting.

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Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

A plethora of injuries. Masked by the Detroit Tigers’ recent winning streak was the amount of injuries that they were picking up. Well, they finally lost, so its time to take stock. In order of my percieved importance:

Jordan Zimmermann got shelled and then headed right for an MRI for lat tightness. There is no word yet, but giving up a bunch of runs followed by a test never leads to good things.

Cameron Maybin, that awesome guy who just described the team as “a python,” picked up a mild thumb strain on a diving catch in Wednesday’s game. He’s considered day to day.

Victor Martinez missed yesterday’s game because he was feeling ill, not because of the ball he took directly to the foot. Good news there.

And that’s it. Oh, Mike Pelfrey is hurt? Even Mike Pelfrey is hurt.

Justin Verlander, decidedly not injured. Instead he has picked up the AL Pitcher of the Month Award and catapulted himself back into the Cy Young conversation. I hope he and Fulmer don’t have sore backs from carrying the team because it’s going to need to continue.

Do you like luxury? I’m going to be honest, I was ready to invalidate this entire article after it led with anywhere in U.S. Cellular but it does offer some interesting insight on how the other half lives while at the ballpark. Guess if Yankee Stadium and its sushi is first.

Dum dum da dum dum, dum dum da dum dum. Yes, I did Google how to spell the Olympic theme song phonetically. No, as you can tell, I did not find a result. Anyway, baseball is back, baby! Which is... exciting? The reason it left is because no one cared. Can the Olympics fix that problem?

The best of #TeamBuy. Sure, you aren’t going to have any idea of the true effective of these trades until much later, but for right now, you have to commend the Rangers on simply going for it.

Anyone need a 50 dollar t-shirt? I mean, the answer is no, but this is still pretty cool! ‘47 teamed up with emerging artists from Europe to re-imagine MLB apparel. The Tigers shirt was done by a Swedish artist named Bless. Coincidence? Yes.

If you would like a regular-priced shirt, I highly suggest the Van Man shirt from Breaking T. Just because I don’t have a face like Daniel Norris, doesn’t mean I can’t have it somewhere on my body.

Baseball is awesome.

One more time.