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Michael Fulmer T-shirts are now available from BreakingT

BreakingT and Bless You Boys have teamed up again to offer you another awesome Tigers shirt: The Fulminator

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The Tigers are currently sitting on the edge of a playoff spot as they head down the last few weeks of the season. Hoping for a wild card spot isn't the ideal situation to be in, but given everything that went wrong for the Tigers this season, we'll take it.


In order to overcome a slew of injuries, and major ineffectiveness from several key players, a few things had to go right, as well. Probably the most important pleasant surprise this season has been the emergence of rookie phenom Michael Fulmer. He has been a major reason why the Tigers are still hanging in the race, and he may end up being a crucial component of a playoff run. That's why Bless You Boys teamed up with BreakingT once again to offer you a Fulmer-themed T-shirt.

Will he lead the Tigers to the playoffs? Will he win the Rookie of the Year award? Will he get any consideration for the Cy Young award? Will he win the ERA title? Will he log enough innings to qualify? Does any of that even matter? Not really! Because either way he's a cyborg from the future that throws baseballs so sexy they make your knees buckle.

I mean, this is a guy that didn't even have a changeup last year, and just decided to start throwing this thing in April:

That's just not human. I don't care what you say.

You may remember that we recently featured a shirt that focused on the other big pitching prospect acquired at the 2015 trade deadline, Daniel Norris. Of course, you can still get a Dan the Van Man shirt here (pro tip: order two shirts, pay one shipping price) and support both of our 23-year-old stud starters for years to come.


Each BreakingT shirt is made in America with a blend of 60 percent combed ringspun cotton and 40 percent polyester jersey. The shirts are high quality and very soft and comfortable, and every design is licensed my the MLB Player's Association.

BreakingT is all about fan input in their designs too, so let us know what you think about the shirt, and if you have any other good ideas. You might even get to see your idea on a real shirt!