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Detroit Tigers Links just hits dingers.

Bombs for days.

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Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

All of the home runs

It has been the year of the dinger, with 30 players hitting over 20 home runs for the first time in their careers and multiple teams setting records. The league is actually on pace to challenge the all-time record with a good final three weeks. Someone tell Gary Sanchez to get back to work.

Tigers lineup watch

Justin Upton’s night off was merely precautionary, and the team states the calf strain isn’t serious. Considering the hot streak Upton produced the the last time Ausmus gave Upton a couple days off, it’s tough not to agree with the move.

Nick Castellanos took his first batting practice after breaking his hand. No setbacks, but he was a little sore so it remains to be seen how quickly he progresses.

You can keep him

So they DID almost trade Puig

In a shocking development, a trade that makes a ton of sense almost happened. Ryan Braun was very nearly sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers in return for Yasiel Puig, Brandon McCarthy and prospects.

Braun and Puig were about 20 minutes from being traded for one another two weeks ago, according to several executives with direct knowledge of their trade talks, but the teams ran out of time at the Aug. 31 trade deadline.

The deal was so close, with just one last prospect being negotiated, that Braun was advised to stay around until the deadline expired. Several of his teammates even stayed with him in the clubhouse, prepared to say their goodbyes.

I always love the trade deadline stories where they “run out of time.” What in the hell where you doing for the past two months!? You really had to start the prospect details at 11:45?

As Nightengale points out, this likely will only affect the 2016 season as Braun is all but guaranteed to be shipped to LA in the off season. But if the Dodger bats come up short in October, make sure you give some side eye to Farhan Zaidi.

Puig when he heard he was going to be traded (probably)

September call up! #PuigRookieAgain #Cheerleader #GoDodgers #Puigyourcheerleader

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Just trade Chris Sale already

Quit wasting all of his talent and let someone actually utilize his spectacular strikeout abilities and propensity for scrap-booking.

At this point, fans should be frustrated: The White Sox are wasting a perennial Cy Young contender with lousy teams. And Sale should be frustrated, too. The 13th overall draft pick in 2010 has out-performed what was expected (at least endurance-wise) of the wirey southpaw, with little to show for it.

Meanwhile the White Sox magic elimination number sits at six and they are trying to salvage attendance numbers with dogs. Tough year on the south side.

For your free time

When should Joakim Soria pitch? How about never, ZING! 5 reasons Rich Hill will make over $45 million in free agency. Baseball money, man. The Indians offense, oddly good.

Baseball is awesome.