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Indians rip off ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ for their celebration T-shirts

Sigh. Three losses in a row, playoffs hopes fading away, and on top of that the Tigers had to watch the Indians celebrate all over Comerica Park. Can’t get worse than this.

Well, actually, it appears it can. Look at you go, Cleveland.

That is an insult of the highest regard against Detroit. And I’m not even going to try and unpack the fact that they still use what is actually the most racist logo in sports.

It seems that being given LeBron James and Kyrie Irving has gone to Cleveland’s head. All of a sudden they think they are God’s gift to sports.

Now, obviously I’m just bitter at this point. And anything I say doesn’t matter because they won mostly by beating the Tigers. So, all I will say is congrats for being good for the first time in a decade, and enjoy losing to Boston in true 2007 Cleveland fashion.