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Detroit Tigers Links is happy with its pay

No work strike is a good strike for Major League Baseball.

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MLB, MLBPA Announce New Labor Agreement Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Show me the money!

The time for arguing about money is upon us. Or is it? The current MLB collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is set to expire on December 1 of this year. And, while CBA negotiations usually mean large disagreements and even work stoppages, both sides seem to be borderline chummy. And there is a high confidence that a new CBA will get done in November.

Not surprisingly, the side that isn’t happy is the agents. Although, when are they ever really happy? Their fear is that the average salary is going up, but only thanks to the “1 percenters.” Additionally, older players are being squeezed out for younger options that don’t cost draft picks. We will see how it shakes out, but with the current climate of negotiations, don’t expect many changes and a quick resolution. I’m cool with no strike, thanks Tony.

Fun with Mike Trout stats

A little more on Jose Fernandez

I know I’m a couple days late, that I don’t have much new to contribute on this matter, and that you have probably been inundated with Fernandez news. There have been thousands of words written on his death, most of it much more eloquently than I could ever hope to write. But since someone actually hired me to write on the internet I’d like to comment.

Jose Fernandez was one of, if not my favorite player outside of the Tigers. His pitching style and enjoyment for the game were effortless. It is surreal that just last Thursday I was facetiously writing about how the Tigers should trade for the meteoric talent. And now he is gone.

It’s sappy, but I was so struck by the suddenness of the situation. Life is fleeting and can pass so quickly. We could all do some good by living our lives with the passion that Fernandez brought to the ball park every day. I encourage everyone to watch the videos if you haven’t, incredible job by the Marlins and their players.

National emergency

Steven Strasburg is still not certain for the playoffs, Bryce Harper incurred a thumb injury and Daniel Murphy has been shut down since September 17th with a strained buttocks (heh.) Add the Wilson Ramos news and this is the exact opposite of peaking at the right time.


Like Nickleback! Except not at all. Anyway great to see Nick Castellanos back with the team and shaking the rust off in the eighth inning by promptly hitting a double and scoring a run.

How not to propose at a baseball game:

David Ortiz on New York is a must read

The home run that shall not be named has forever tainted David Ortiz for me, but I’d be hard pressed to not admit his awesomeness. Please take in Ortiz’s highly entertaining and heartfelt letter in the Players Tribune.

For your free time.

Pakistan would like you to know it has a national baseball team. Marlins and Martin Prado agree to a very agreeable deal. Mike Gerber won a Minor League Gold Glove. The Cleveland Indians are great by being exceedingly above average.

Baseball is awesome.