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Detroit Tiger Links celebrates rookie dress-up day

The rookies got their Halloween costumes early this year

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Rookie Dress-Up Day is an important tradition

The Tigers might be short on rookies, but the quality of their costumes was top notch.

Second deck!!!! Rookie dress up!! #cheech

A photo posted by JaCoby Jones (@jacobyjones23) on

That is a whole lot of #TeamDadBod. And while whatever Matt Boyd is doing is the favorite, I simply cannot look away from John Hicks in the most disturbing Bert costume ever created.

That is some pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel right there. Lookout Landing has your full league breakdown of Dress-Up Day including a strong showing by the Mariners.

What the rain out means

After a four-hour rain delay (I really hope none of our readers tried to stick that out, if you did bless you), Thursday’s game was finally called. So what does that mean? Embrace the chaos and hold on to your butts.

Rob was kind enough to to put together the full break down here, but basically there are a million different scenarios of starting rotation, AL Wild Card tie breakers and absurd flights. Honestly though, it’s really simple, you have to win, and let the dust settle where it may.

David Price, still vicious on Twitter

Theo gets a new deal

Buster Olney, who desperately doesn’t want us to read his work, has an insider article on the great GM market inefficiency.

Epstein, generally regarded by his peers as the best executive in the sport, will make less than Colby Rasmus, and Matt Garza, and Melky Cabrera. Which means that the best baseball executives continue to be an extremely undervalued asset in the sport.

Luckily for us, Fangraphs has a very similar article highlighting the same theme, this time comparing Theo’s salary and worth to Martin Prado and his new contract.

So let’s see here. He is only 42 and it seems destined that one of these Cubs teams is going to win a championship. They are the Cubs, but if he pulls this off, he will have broken two 85-plus-year curses in 15 years. The guys got 30 more years of making teams good. Is he just going to hit each team with the longest drought? I’m in awe of his greatness.

Justin Upton’s season in three tweets

Whats a stadium’s shelf life?

Baseball has a wonderful mix of iconic century old ballparks, brand new beautiful parks, and US Cellular field. But if you aren’t part of the former, how long are current day ballparks made to last?

“The 20-year time horizon is roughly the average now,” said Roger Noll, a professor emeritus at Stanford University who has studied public policy and sports economics. “Usually at around 20 years teams start threatening to move if they don’t get a new stadium. By the time a new one gets built, it’s usually more like 25 years, but nobody ever stays in the same stadium for the term of their lease anymore.”

It is probably too simple to say, “depends how nice you build it,” but I sure don’t see the Tigers departing Comerica Park four years from now. That place was built to last.

C(K)hris Davis

For your free time.

The Cubs and Pirates tied. Go ties. Politically tied titles for the win. Miggy is now tied with Hank Greenberg for the most 35 home run seasons in Tigers history with five.

Baseball is awesome.