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Everybody hated Fox Sports 1’s Tigers-Royals telecast Saturday

National broadcasts generally aren’t good. This was the worst.

In a bipartisan panning, Fox Sports 1’s broadcast of the Tigers-Royals game Saturday can be declared the worst major league baseball broadcast in history.

It’s no surprise that Tigers fans could not stand the efforts of Kenny Albert and Tom Verducci (with Ken Rosenthal making occasional appearances). The crew spend most of the time praising every little thing about the Royals, from their mouthpieces to their speed to their bobbleheads to the fact their fans all happen to wear team colors, to more mouthpieces. You could be fooled into believing this was an intersquad game, because there was absolutely no mention of the Tigers all game long.

Of course, there was hardly any mention of baseball all game long either, a fact that the baseball-loving fans of Kansas City picked up on as well.

Look, baseball fans want to see baseball and hear people talk intelligently about baseball. You don’t need a former player to talk intelligently about the game. In fact, if we’ve learned anything from ESPN it’s that former players are pretty awful, too.

But would it have been so hard to at least be interested in the game of baseball in front of you, Kenny and Tom? That was an awful effort.