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Justin Upton comes through again with this game winning 3-run jack

So...this is what Justin Upton on a tear looks like!

Tigers' fans waited a long time for Justin Upton to get it going this year. There were fits and starts in June and July when he was decent, but the explosive hot streaks never really arrived. Until just in the nick of time, that is. Fresh off a game saving bomb in Kansas City on Sunday evening, Justin Upton was called on one more time. And oh baby did he deliver.

Let's break it down.

Every huge September home run needs a bat flip, right?

Check! How does our old friend Avisail feel about this?

Oooh, sorry about that Avi, though judging by fan reaction, the White Sox weren't working with home field advantage by this point. The real question? What does Miguel Cabrera think about all this?

When Miguel Cabrera looks at you like that? You know you're on fire.

It's incredible to see a player who struggled as Upton did most of the season, suddenly catch fire like this. This has always been the line on him. Slumps peppered with absolute rages. Upton now has eight home runs in the last 14 games. And just about every one has been huge as the Tigers try to run down a playoff spot. Couldn't have caught fire at a better time.

As for Upton's "shhh" gesture?

shhhh upton

Our staff has eyes everywhere.