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BYB breaks down the Tigers’ fantasy football picks

They should probably stick to baseball.

The Tigers not only got a big win off the bat of Miguel Cabrera and Justin Upton on Monday, but they also held their fantasy football draft. Justin Verlander sent out the results.

To say I’m devastated that we can’t see who is who would be a huge understatement. We only know that Verlander is column 4, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is an agent of chaos (and column 6) and it’s a PPR league.

Getting by that disappointment, BYB’s (self-declared) resident fantasy expert would still like to make some broad generalizations and bold statements about this draft.

  • I’m cool with the first round. I’m guessing whoever took Le’Veon Bell 8th didn’t know about the suspension. Also, of course Salty took Gronk.
  • Taking LeSean McCoy 17th overall is bad and you should feel bad.
  • Both Greg Olsen and Jordan Reed in the the top half of the third round? These guys love their tight ends (heh.)
  • I have absolutely no idea what column 7 is doing. Fitz in the 4th? A defense in 7th followed by another Cardinals receiver? Mariota over Rivers? I bet it was Tyler Collins, he doesn’t care what you think.
  • Column 3 took Danny Woodhead over Thomas Rawls, Jonathan Stewart and Jeremy Hill. Column 3 is Ian Kinsler.
  • For you Pride of Detroit readers, Golden Tate went 59th, Marvin Jones went 77th, Ameer Abdullah went 83rd and Theo Riddick went 93rd. Not a lot of Lions love there.
  • Heck of a quarterback run in this draft which left a lot of teams reaching. And yes, I’m looking at you, JV. I know he had a good year last year, but no one ever wants to rely Eli Manning. Anyway, my theory is all these guys think they could be quarterbacks so those are all their favorite players.
  • Column 1 is my favorite/least-favorite team. Love the move of drafting all WRs at the beginning. Hate Derek Carr as your only quarterback. Despise drafting a kicker 4 rounds early. But good sneaky Markus Wheaton pick! This was probably Cameron Maybin. Why? I don’t have a good reason, just grand conjecture.
  • Someone took Stephen Gostkowski in the eighth. I repeat, someone took Stephen Gostkowski in the eighth. I hope they aren’t starting today.
  • I don’t love any of these teams, so don’t @ me, but: Best team: Column 10 Worst team: Column 9
  • There was some value to be had here: Best Pick: Alshon Jeffery/Mike Evans, 4th round Worst Pick (other than Gostkowski/Defense reaches): The re-animated corpse of Antonio Gates, 6th round