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Detroit Tigers Links has gone fishing for Anthony Bass

A few more Tigers rumors inch us ever closer to Opening Day

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I’m going to shoot you straight here: I’m tired of football. Twitter tells me Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott just did this to make Clay Matthews look stupid, and I care so very little. I guess this is the product of a decision in my youth to hitch my wagon to the circus act that is the Cleveland Browns, which means that my season is generally over sometime right after the draft. That poor decision generally leaves me spending my days scouring the cushions of the internet couch for the spare change that is relevant Detroit Tigers baseball information. On most days, I’ll take anything in the realm of the baseball world that is interesting. Here’s what I found.

Fish On

On Saturday, Tigers beat writer Jason Beck reported that the team is one of five or six teams interested in the services of pitcher Anthony Bass. Bass, a Dearborn native, last pitched in the majors in 2015, and is coming back stateside after hurling the laced sphere for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters of the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization. And we think our minor league team names are crazy.

We don’t need no arbitration. We just need some team control.

Just in case you missed it in your haste to rush here and read this post, Our own Patrick O’Kennedy gives you all the details about how the Tigers avoided arbitration and agreed to terms with all six eligible players. Patrick breaks down payroll numbers and gives you all the financial information you might want. I’m glad he’s around to do this stuff because I’d be terrible at it, seeing as I struggle to balance my checkbook. He also knows how the Super 2 system works, which makes him a level 20 wizard in my book.

Tell me something I don’t know

Tucked into the bottom of Boston Globe reporter Nick Cafardo’s heartwarming article about Manny Ramirez’ attempt to make a return to baseball at the age of 44 are a couple of comments about potential trades for Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias and second baseman Ian Kinsler. The Kinsler excerpt contains a quote straight out of the “Yeah we figured” department. It basically says that general manager Al Avila is looking to shed payroll even if he hasn’t been officially informed to do so.

In case you wondering, you gotta be big to hit the long ball

Dark blue is lowest, white is average, and red is highest.

Matt Holliday is yoked

First, Matt Holliday is looking like he’s ready for the season. Second, Matt Holliday is a Yankee? I must’ve missed this signing back in December when I was busy watching absolutely nothing happen with the Tigers. I feel like I’m living in some alternate universe.

Today in baseball history

On this day in 1970, outfielder Curt Flood — in what has to be one of the biggest take-one-for-the-team moves in the history of baseball — filed suit against Major League Baseball, challenging the reserve clause. It was a move that ushered in the era of free agency, and effectively destroyed Flood’s life and career.

Baseball is awesome.

One-handed pitcher, Jim Abbott throws a no-hitter against the Indians.

If you have a few minutes

CoCo Crisp hasn’t been hit by a pitch in almost six years. SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee examines catchers in the Hall of Fame through the lens of Jorge Posada. Baseball Prospectus takes a look at pitchers and ground ball vs. fly ball rates in 2016, and Alex Wilson makes an appearance.