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Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen are Hall of Famers in our hearts

Former Tiger Ivan Rodriguez is heading to Cooperstown

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The votes are in, and the percentages have been calculated. Three new inductees will make their way into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown this year. Among them is former Tigers’ catcher, Ivan Rodriguez, who was elected on the first ballot.

Rodriguez becomes the first former Tigers’ player to be inducted since Al Kaline in 1980, ending a ridiculous 37 year drought. For Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen however, their opportunity has come to an end, as both received fewer than the necessary 5% of the vote to continue.

Lou Whitaker, who boasted better numbers across the board than most hall of fame second basemen, suffered the same fate due to the five-percent-rule. Alan Trammell and Jack Morris remained on the ballot for the full fifteen year term, never garnering the 75 percent needed to be inducted.

Ordonez and Guillen will still be Hall of Famers in the hearts of Tigers fans, for their unforgettable contributions to the team, and the timeless memories left behind.

Who could forget Guillen’s home run off Jered Weaver? (Well, Alex Avila might not have loved this moment as much as fans did)

And I doubt there’s a Tigers fan alive who doesn’t get a little misty-eyed reliving this movie-perfect home run from Ordonez that took Detroit to the 2006 World Series.

These former Tigers might not find themselves in the Hall of Fame, but they’ll live forever in our memories nonetheless.